Extensive experience results in numerous successful cases

Our R&D personnel possess extensive experience, ensuring our success in schematic simplification and design optimization across industries such as industrial, automotive, and medical.

Real-time data acquisition for quality improvement and cost reduction

In close collaboration with plants, our R&D team acquires technological and cost data in real time for rapid schematic simplification and design optimization, achieving quality improvement and cost reduction with immediately visible results.

Real-time Interaction for Optimal Design

Our design team frequently interacts with our customers to keep up with market trends and make appropriate adjustments as agreed with the customers, fulfilling their design requirements. In addition, we conduct thorough research on product DFC to enhance product competitiveness.

Scope of Services

Picture Name

Controls, displays, power management and conversion, signal transmission, etc. for industrial applications

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Management, controls, lighting, etc. for new energy vehicles

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Displays and controls, power management and conversion, lighting sources, etc. for medical applications

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IoT controllers, RF communications, power management, etc.

Substitution with Cost-effective Components

We have accumulated extensive experience in substitution with cost-effective components over years of mass-producing products for customers in fields such as industrial manufacturing, medical, automotive, and rail transit within the EMS sector, maintained long-term supplier relationships in component sourcing, and verified alternatives in functionality, performance, stability, cost, and manufacturability. Therefore, we deliver cost-effective component substitution plans to our customers, enhancing their products' market competitiveness.

Service Advantages

Batch substitution of product components with cost-effective alternatives

Batch substitution of product components with local alternatives

Low-cost component selection and substitution for R&D projects

PCB Design and Panel design Optimization

Rich and Professional Experience

Our professional experience in PCB layout and timely access to multi-project DFM, DFC, and production process parameters enable us to expertly handle device package types, establish and apply package libraries that meet IPC standards or package libraries of specific-purpose devices.

Compatible Design for Risk Mitigation and Cost Reduction

We consider device package compatibility in PCB layout from multiple aspects such as product performance, DFM, DFA, DFC, design convenience, and flexibility, which reduces the risk of material shortages and saves costs. When modifications to a customer's original design are necessary due to material shortages or other reasons, the scope of changes is minimized to reduce the risk of product design alterations.