Eolane R&D machine vision empowers intelligent detection


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As a professional EMS company, eolane is always striving to provide better products and services to our customers. Recently, Eolane's QC department encountered a tricky QC problem: a medical customer has many keyboard models with similar key silkscreen, which is very easy to be confused. Only after several rounds of manual re-inspection, the target yield of the product was reached with difficulty. The rising labor cost and quality control risk are the problems that need to be solved.

After a lot of communication and research, the company finally decided to let the R&D team of eolane to provide a set of customized technical solutions for the customer - to develop a set of visual inspection equipment independently, and to inspect the product quality through image recognition technology.

The core of this set of equipment is to build a digital platform, import the model data of all the products of the customer, and scan them through the camera to ensure that their quality meets the standard.

1. Simple operation, the operator does not need technical background, which can effectively reduce the operation threshold.

2. Strong image algorithm correction ability, can correct the product tilt, warp image to normal image, as long as in the imaging area, the product under test does not need to be placed accurately.

3. The device has a code entry, user management, test records, image storage and other functions, and production line MES system docking, to facilitate the digital management of the factory.

After the equipment is put into use, the inspection efficiency is 10 times higher than manual inspection, the operation record is traceable, and the accuracy of abnormal quality inspection such as loading wrong position and wrong direction of buttons is increased to 100%, and the customers also give high praise to its accuracy and stability.

The R&D team said: "The device realizes a set of low-cost technical solutions by using advanced image algorithms and common camera light source. It can not only be applied to inspect existing products, but can also be quickly applied to other new products after simple re-development through the rapid modeling technology in the device. ”

Customized R&D services are the strength of eolane compared to general EMS companies. We have the advantage of sharing the global R&D resources of the group with more than 150 R&D experts. The Chinese and French R&D teams can communicate online in real time to help customers solve practical technical problems.

eolane R&D team has expertise in circuit design, software programming, optical applications and machine vision algorithm development. We welcome more customers and partners to discuss and exchange ideas together to maximize the benefits.