Introducing PCS system in the process of building WCM


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With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the importance of enterprise management has become more and more prominent. How to effectively manage the production process and improve the quality and efficiency of products is a common problem faced by every enterprise.

The eolane group is a leading European electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider with more than 47 years of experience in the industry. As a pioneer in the EMS industry, eolane is continuously increasing its digital enterprise management and upgrading, and has introduced PCS system in the process of building WCM (World class manufacturing).

PCS (Performance Control System) is designed to manage and monitor the performance of all aspects of operations. Prior to the introduction of PCS system in eolane China, communication and coordination problems between different departments in the production process occurred from time to time, which in turn affected the production efficiency and quality to different degrees. With the introduction of PCS system, these problems can be effectively solved, business data and performance indicators can be better tracked and timely analyzed and feedback can be provided, so that the company's various business departments can make faster decisions.

eolane China has taken a series of measures to establish a reliable and efficient production performance control system, which realizes real-time monitoring and adjustment of the production process.

Sort out the current situation

Sorting out the existing performance status from the four dimensions of QCDS, clarifying the responsibility allocation of performance indicators through RACI matrix, then re-calculating and defining new KPI standards, and implementing three-tier meeting planning.

Pilot Run

From point to point, select pilot areas to implement PCS, and then gradually expand to other process areas.

Digital Upgrade

Establish and develop an information sharing platform to realize real-time capture of production data and digital upgrade of the factory.

With the help of the PCS system, the operational efficiency of eolane china factories has been greatly improved.

Firstly, the index evaluation allows each employee to understand his/her work focus and know how his/her work contributes to the whole production process.

Secondly, the KPI evaluation system allows employees to pay more attention to their work efficiency and quality, further improving production efficiency and quality stability.

Thirdly, the information sharing platform removes communication barriers between departments and promotes collaboration, making the entire production process smoother.

Finally, the PCS system can also help companies quickly locate problems and correct them in time, thus realizing continuous improvement.

The PCS system is an important digital asset for eolane China as it strives to provide high quality services and products to its customers. It breaks down departmental communication barriers and improves response efficiency, and as eolane China continues to grow, it is clear that the PCS system will continue to play a key role in operations.