Eolane China Supplier Series Meeting


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With the warm spring breeze, the QBR (Quarterly Business Review) in the fourth quarter of 2022 and the annual working meeting in the whole year of 2022, which was jointly organized by the supply chain of eolane China and key supplier partners, was successfully concluded in March.

The QBR mainly focused on the cooperation of product lines, annual quotation results, new project inquiry indicators, material delivery, supplier quality and rating assessment, etc. The QBR conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and reached a number of consensus to improve the business development initiatives of both sides.

Steven, GM of eolane China, attaches great importance to the company's cooperation with suppliers and attended the whole series of meetings with Michael, Supply Chain Director. Steven and Michael expressed their sincere thanks to our partners for their support to eolane China in 2022! At the meeting, Steven also emphasized his expectation of multi-party cooperation to solve the critical shortage of materials, and introduced the business development results of eolane China in 2022 for the partners, shared the future development and layout of the company, and discussed the latest development in automotive industry, new energy, silicon carbide, and so on.

Supplier partners also shared the changing trend of electronic component market supply, and summarized the progress and achievement of key shortage resolution, as well as the positive measures for subsequent delivery improvement. At the same time, they have expressed that they have a good cooperation with eolane China 2022 and felt the importance of eolane China to its supplier partners, and will further strengthen the informatization intercommunication between the two sides and deepen the supply chain cooperation mode to achieve a win-win situation.

Since the implementation of eolane China Strategic Partner Program in 2020, we have established interdependent and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers to ensure the stability of the whole supply chain. With the opening of the QBR meeting for eolane suppliers in China, eolane China will work with our partners to move forward towards new goals and create an extraordinary year of the year 2020.