Eolane R&D Supports PCBA Mass Production


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With the development of science and technology, the popularization of electronic products, the quality control of its core PCBA appears to be crucial. In the production process of PCBA, the gluing process is one of the key steps. Protective glue can protect components, prevent oxidation, resist moisture, prevent short-circuit, improve insulation properties, etc., which has a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the entire electronic product.

Because of the production process, the glue coating process is prone to the phenomenon of lack of glue and overflow of glue, so the glue coating inspection is an important barrier to ensure the quality of customer products.

Conventional gluing inspection equipment must utilize a clamping mechanism to hold the circuit board in a fixed position, which cannot be adapted to circuit boards without process edges. The technology of the self-developed gluing inspection equipment by eolane is different from that of traditional equipment manufacturers. For specific types of PCBA, there is no need to fix the edges of the boards, but only place them in the area to be tested, and utilize high-precision image matching algorithms to automatically calculate the position of the PCBAs, the tilt angle and other information, and then rectify the image to the standard plane, so that the boards are placed on the plane and then tested.


For the final inspection of PCBA without process edge, the industry generally relies on manual visual inspection under UV light, which is inefficient and prone to errors. With advanced optical design and high-definition cameras, eolane gluing inspection equipment is able to accurately capture any tiny gluing defects on PCBA boards, and the automatic inspection speed is fast, with 476 inspection items completed in 4 seconds.

In addition, the operation interface of the equipment is friendly and easy to use, which greatly reduces the skill threshold of the operator. The inspection information is automatically stored in the database and associated with the MES management system, and the product images can be traced back.

The application of the glue inspection equipment of eolane not only improves the efficiency of PCBA production, but also significantly reduces the defective product rate. At the same time, the reduction of UV light exposure helps to improve the safety of the production environment and protect the health of employees.

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