After-sales Repairs

When customers require after-sales repairs, our professional Customer Focus Team (CFT) promptly provides efficient and accurate repair services, so as to quickly repair defective products, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted manufacturing.

Failure Analysis Support

Our failure analysis encompasses the full lifecycle of product usage, including material verification, processing and assembly, product testing and selection, and actual application. We have failure analysis laboratory and an experienced analysis team. Through partnerships with several third-party laboratories, we can conduct quick and comprehensive analyses of products or samples that encounter issues.

Internal laboratory


3D microscope Metallurgical microscope  2D X-ray Ionic contamination test - Resistivity solvent extraction method
Cross section Staining test Solderability test-Solder pot Pull and Shear test
Strain measurement      

External lab capability BGA endoscope X-ray CT Curve tracer C-SAM
Decapsulation Ionic contamination test-Ion chromatography method ROHS 6 items/10 items Solderability test-Wetting balance
SEM/EDS FTIR Thermo analysis (DSC, TGA, TMA etc.)  

We have a complete failure analysis knowledge base and an expert team with rich experience in dealing with various electronic equipment failures, including but not limited to:

Popcorn effect Conductive Anodic Filamentation Creep corrosion
Solder joint crack Electrochemical Migration Short Black pad
MLCC crack Pillow effect
EOS/ESD Tin whisker


After-Sales Quality Management

Providing timely and effective after-sales quality services according to quality objectives defined in customer agreements.

Regularly collecting customer feedback, analyzing quality data, and developing comprehensive continuous improvement projects.

Processing customer returns quickly and efficiently through the E-RMA system.

Quickly and effectively identifying product defects through the well-established after-sales failure analysis knowledge base.

Precisely tracing after-sales defective products and effectively controlling the overall supply chain defect tracking costs through a highly integrated manufacturing operations management system.

Providing full support for after-sales failure analysis through our proprietary laboratories and partnered third-party laboratories.