Quality Assurance

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Quality Commitment

We are determined to become a world-renowned provider of supply chain solutions, continually optimizing processes and systems to update and iterate the quality management system and offer quality management throughout the entire product lifecycle and process. We promise to deliver exceptional products and services that satisfy or surpass customer expectations.


Quality Management Policy

We aim to establish business processes with world-class operational standards for continuous improvement and innovation by implementing our quality policy.
We reliably and promptly fulfill our promises to customers in quality, delivery, price, and service, while keeping our CSR in mind.

Committed to becoming a world-renowned provider of electronic supply chain solutions

Striving for continuous improvement and innovation in business processes

Reliably and promptly fulfilling our promises to customers in quality, delivery, price, and service

Quality Management System Certification

We have been granted a series of quality management system certificates, including ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO14485, and ISO/TS22163, providing robust assurance for our quality and delivery.
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Professional Quality Assurance Team

Professional Quality Team

Our quality assurance team consists of experts holding IPC Level 2 and Level 3 certificates. They have been subject to rigorous training and assessments, accumulating extensive practical experience.
We have comprehensive training facilities and implement ongoing skill enhancement programs along with comprehensive training evaluations to ensure that our quality assurance remains industry-leading.

Systemic Quality Performance Monitoring System

In the development of WCM (World Class Manufacturing), we have established a reliable and flexible production performance control system to monitor and adjust the manufacturing process in real time.

Current State Analysis

Analyzing the current performance situation from the four key dimensions of QCDS, establishing performance indicator responsibilities using the RACI matrix, recalculating and determining new KPI standards, and executing a three-tiered meeting schedule.

Pilot Implementation

Selecting pilot areas first to deploy PCS, and then progressively expanding to additional processing areas.

Digital Upgrade

Establishing and developing an information sharing platform to enable real-time capture of production data and facilitate a digital upgrade of plants.