A Half Century of Dedication and Experience

Since the inception of the Eolane Group in 1975, we have been committed to providing professional customers with manufacturing solutions for low to high volumes, high-mix electronic products. Having weathered the vicissitudes of half a century, the Eolane Group has remained steadfast to its founding principles.

Our corporate mission is to provide professional industrial customers with the most reliable quality assurance and agile service experience. The Eolane has been widely recognized by customers in Industry, Railway, Medical, Automotive, Energies, and Civil Aeronautics fields. A half century of dedication and endeavor has endowed us with extensive and unique expertise and knowledge in manufacturing low to high volumes of high-mix electronic products. We value our past experience and eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


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A Half Century of Dedication and Experience

Flexible Manufacturing

Customized procurement channel selection:
For customers with lower annual volumes, we select the most suitable material procurement options, such as spot buy, futures, group logistics reallocation, and special bulk-purchase channels.

Rapid and Efficient Production Switching

We consistently uphold flexible, rapid, and personalized services to realize long-term mutual benefits with our customers.

Urgent mass-production orders

We efficiently and flexibly adjust production schedules to complete urgent mass production orders from our customers.

New product prototyping

Our professional NPI team guarantees quick delivery, and our R&D team provides new product prototyping services to our customers.

Temporary changes

Our CFT team rapidly responds to temporary changes with full-process planning, implementation, and monitoring, meeting the versatile needs of our customers.