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Process Design

Through professional process design, we optimize the production process to meet customer needs, while ensuring product quality and manufacturing efficiency. We aim to achieve high efficiency, low cost, and zero quality risk.
Based on our customers' DFMEA, drawings, specific requirements, and historical production data, we employ FMEA system software to complete SC&CC, PFMEA, and CP by a 7-step method, so as to identify and mitigate production risks. We design error-proofing and preventive measures for processes and develop SPC or automated inspection schemes for results.
In the product design phase, we take manufacturing processes into full consideration and perform a manufacturability analysis in advance to minimize cost and quality wastage due to design issues throughout the production process.
We use dedicated software for a holistic analysis of our customers' drawing tolerances and manufacturing tolerances to verify their feasibility and offer reasonable recommendations, thereby facilitating a seamless transition from design tolerances to production manufacturing tolerances.
Technological Analysis & Process Design
In line with customer requirements, we convert product specifications into process parameters and design schemes that align with the production workflow to secure high manufacturing efficiency, low cost, and zero quality risk.