Testing & Certification

Necessary testing and verification during product development are essential to ensuring design quality. We have a dedicated R&D testing team and laboratory equipment to customize professional testing solutions and verification services based on the characteristics of projects, meeting the specific design verification needs of our customers.

Product design stage

Validating design solutions by developing a simulation test platform.


Product design quality verification stage

Developing a Design Verification Testing Plan (DVT Plan), developing a testing verification platform tailored for products, and completing design verification.


Mass production stage

Developing test tools or benches tailored for production, and improving their testing capability and efficiency.


Product lifecycle

Supporting the development of human-machine interfaces, data storage and export, hardware control, and data acquisition and analysis.


Scope of Services

Maintaining long-term testing and certification cooperation with third-party laboratories with relevant industry certification qualifications: RF testing, EMC testing and certification, safety regulation testing and certification, CQC testing and certification, CE certification, etc.

We can develop based on existing solutions or develop specialized R&D solutions to meet customers' product development and testing requirements.

We can test all products developed by us.

Our experienced testing team can develop both simple and complex test tools.