H/W Design

Extensive experience results in numerous successful cases

Our R&D personnel possess extensive experience in hardware solutions, material selection, and hardware design & verification, ensuring our success in hardware design across industries such as industrial, automotive, and medical.

Efficient services and standardized data management

Based on customer requirements, we can promptly set up professional teams, assign dedicated persons for project management and follow-up, and ensure compliance between design outputs and inputs through rigorous design reviews. All design documents are systematically managed for ease of access.

Agile response and continuous improvement

We consistently maintain close communication with our customers to keep up with market dynamics and promptly adjust our designs accordingly. While fulfilling customer design requirements, we conduct thorough research on product functionality, performance, and cost to enhance product quality and competitiveness.

Scope of Services


Weak signal acquisition (nA, uV).

Precision measurements under harsh conditions.

Analog-to-digital conversion.

Power conversion





Radio frequency

Long-range radio solutions (LoRa).

Narrowband IoT solutions (NB-IOT).

Bluetooth communication and low-energy Bluetooth transmission solutions (Bluetooth)


Development of embedded controllers based on MCU/ARM and other control chips.

Development of communication buses, such as RS485/USB/CAN/LIN.

Quality and safety

Optimization designs for EMC and safety regulation compliance.

Analysis and improvement of EMC and safety regulation issues.