Mechanical Design

Our professional mechanical design team has designed a multitude of product mechanisms, accumulating extensive practical experience. We can provide customers with one-stop R&D services in product mechanisms, design drawings for actual product mechanisms based on the ID design files provided by customers, and even collaborate with customers to develop and complete the designs of product mechanisms. Furthermore, we can integrate the mechanical design with electronic design to complete thermal simulation modeling and thermal analysis & design.

Scope of Services

Determination of product mechanism specifications

Completing mechanical packing solution and design through resource integration with partners.

Determining mechanical functions (e.g., dynamic functions and static functions).

Related mechanical designs

Material selection: plastics, steel, aluminum, etc.

Process selection: injection molding, casting, CNC machining, sheet metal processing, etc.

Essential simulations and implementation (thermal simulations, thermal design, etc.)

Mechanical component verification, product mechanical assembly and mechanical function verification

Mechanical quality assessment of R&D products

Verification tests for environmental requirements, drop, vibration, shock, etc.

Mechanism design and thermal simulation analysis