PCB Layout

The combination of professional PCB designers, our extensive knowledge and experience accumulated during projects in various fields, and close collaboration with production engineers and technicians. Ensures that our designs not only fulfill the basic functional and performance requirements of the products but also take productization aspects such as DFM and DFC into consideration. In this way, we integrate the full lifecycle design principles into our product designs, significantly enhancing product competitiveness.

Scope of Services

Industrial control boards, power boards, converter boards, signal transmission boards, etc.

BMS unit for new energy vehicles, HCU for hybrid vehicles, electric safety seat control boards for automobiles, etc.

Control, lighting, power, and communication boards for medical use.

Core control boards for IoT, RF communication boards, power boards, etc.

PCB optimization designs for EMC and safety regulation compliance.

PCB optimization designs for DFM, DFC, etc.