F/W Design

Our R&D team boasts a wealth of experience in developing a variety of software, including low-level firmware drivers, interfacing communication protocols, AI algorithmic models, visual imaging detection & analysis, and host computer control interfaces. The software developed has been applied to multiple projects of our company and a wide range of products in the sectors of industrial, robotics, medical, automotive, IoT, and consumer electronics.

Scope of Services

Preliminary product functionality definition services

Assisting customers in finalizing product design specifications.

Building functional prototypes quickly based on existing design solutions.

Providing support in graphic user interface definition (user, human-machine engineering, and operating sequence).

Software design services

Supporting independent software development or collaborative development with customers.

Considering relevant certification standards in designs and integrating associated file packages into designs.

Considering product testability for subsequent mass production during software development.

Reserving interfaces for subsequent design changes and appropriately adding redundant design elements.

Developing auxiliary programs for customers to easily use the products.

Product development, maintenance, and optimization services

Maintaining design and development software.

Developing and optimizing testing and production resource software.

Flexibility in handling various needs

Software process development

Meeting market, standards, and product lifecycle requirements.

Integration of software design into the product development team

Flexibly responding to design changes.

Considering hardware design, industrialization, and mass production.

Adopting firmware, development platforms, and operating systems based on market needs or market access requirements.

Ensuring compatibility with all relevant software signal interfaces in the product.