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From the initial 1 production line, to 16 production lines covering production, assembly and testing; From the trade business of "testing the waters" to the Asia-Pacific headquarters integrating production and R&D, service trade, and innovation incubation, Eolane Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as eolane China), an enterprise in the Suzhou Free Trade Zone, has been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years, boosting the development of the industry with innovation, and has embarked on a characteristic development path of "strengthening" itself and empowering the industrial ecology.

From investment to profitability, the high-quality environment helps enterprises develop steadily

Eolane is a professional-level electronics manufacturing service provider. Since its landing in 2006, Eolane China has been committed to providing one-stop services in electronics manufacturing, supply chain management, rapid prototyping, assisted R&D, and smart hardware incubation for many fields such as industrial control, automotive, medical, railway, clean energy, and so on.

From a thousand dollars at the beginning to ten million dollars today, the development of eolane China is reflected in the rapid growth of the order volume, and now it has become the most profitable subsidiary of the Group, with its influence becoming more and more obvious. In 2015, eolane China became the regional headquarters of China, and in 2022, it will be upgraded to the Asian headquarters and recognized as the regional headquarters of multinational corporations in Jiangsu Province. In November last year, the new factory in China was put into operation, increasing the production capacity by 60%. In March next year, the new factory in Malaysia, which is mainly invested by eolane China, will be delivered and put into operation, which will continue to increase the production capacity and expand the overseas market.

The steady development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the high-quality business environment and the support given by the government. "Over the past three years, the compound annual growth rate of eolane China has always been maintained at about 15%, and the total revenue in China is expected to reach 100 million euros this year." Mr. Shen Chunhui, CEO of eolane China, said.

From production services to industry-driven, open innovation out of the new path of development

How to realize the bend in the fierce market competition? Starting from OEM processing, drawing on the experience of French project, Eolane China actively exerts its advantages in electronics manufacturing, supply chain and R&D, and pursues the maximization of service creation value, setting up one-stop multinational creators' space platforms - eolane IoT Hard Creation Space and eolane IoT Hard Creation Incubator, to provide creators with mature IoT and smart hardware related technology counseling, fast prototype manufacturing, product marketing and other whole industry chain services. Since its establishment in 2016, the incubator has incubated a number of enterprises such as Hazel IoT and Bitwise, some of which have grown explosively in just one or two years, and have always been in close cooperation with the Hard Creative Space from prototyping to mass production, which has also driven the sales of eolane IoT Hard Creative Space to a far-leading position among peer incubators in the province.


"The hard creation space is limited, but the content and services can be expanded infinitely. With the goal of sustainable development, we keep exploring new business models with an open and innovative mindset, breaking the narrow perception of incubation, and eventually positioning the Hard Creation Space of eolane as a service organization serving hardware innovation in the whole region." Mr. Shen Chunhui said that this change in thinking has turned the manufacturing advantages of the park, Suzhou and even the entire Yangtze River Delta region into a strong backing for the operation of the incubator, and the full set of "configurations" of the Hard Creative Space also provides strong support for the development of startups in the Yangtze River Delta region.

From Lean Production to Intelligent Operation and Management, Improving Quality and Efficiency against World-class Manufacturing

Digital transformation has become a major trend in the world's manufacturing industry, and eolane China is also gradually promoting the whole-process systematic lean production, to better meet the demand for small and medium batch, multi-species, high-end production services. Eolane China clearly wants to build World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and win the Nobel Prize JIPM in the manufacturing industry.

"We not only promote the quality and efficiency of production and manufacturing, but also incorporate all aspects of business operations such as personnel, finance and marketing into this system." Shen Chunhui introduced that eolane China has set up a digitalization department to improve the software, platform and other equipment, and cooperated with local universities and research institutes in the park to carry out the project-based construction of empowered smart manufacturing. In Suzhou FTZ, which is a hotspot for entrepreneurship, eolane China will continue to accelerate the diversified business layout in the fields of industry, new energy, rail transportation, aviation and medical care, etc., so as to become a benchmarking force of "smart manufacturing".