New Project Quality Planning

We have formulated a systemic project planning process in accordance with the requirements of quality management systems of various industries. Our professional CFT team fully applies DFx analysis and quality tools such as APQP, PFMEA, and Control Plan to develop product quality control schemes, and leverages the PLM system to achieve a digital, information-based, and smart project planning process, ultimately ensuring mass production of new projects.

Supporting customers' designs through DFM analysis, ensuring manufacturability from the start of design and reliable quality.

Aligning with customer requirements through technological disclosure sessions on product quality planning objectives and preliminary quality control schemes.

Customize new project planning paths to meet the needs of customers from different industries. Establish a quality gate and a traffic light system to oversee the new project planning.

Mass Production Quality Assurance

From the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods, We implement quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure product quality and deliver products that conform to customer requirements. Our digital quality management system empowers all quality management activities, enhancing the quality management level, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

Raw Material Quality Control

Our customized scanning system can precisely trace raw materials back to their original production date. Our digital inspection system enables easy raw material quality management. Intelligent warehouse achieves FIFO management of raw materials and maintains a high-standard storage environment..

Manufacturing Quality Management

Manufacturing Quality Management Our comprehensive quality management system ensures compliance with the on-site human, machine, materials, methods, and environmental standards.

Pre-Delivery Quality Inspection

We conduct systematic inspections to ensure products' compliance with customer requirements.

After-Sales Quality Management

We provide timely and effective after-sales quality services centered on customer defined quality objectives, and regularly collect customer feedback and analyze quality data to enhance customer satisfaction.
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