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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a mature technology to install surface-mount components on the PCB surface and assemble them using the reflow soldering process.

SMT Line Configuration

Reflow oven

Process Capability

Our placement equipment comes with multiple modules and various types of mounting heads to adapt to the mounting requirements of components of all sizes, ranging from 0.2 mm × 0.1 mm to 74 mm × 74 mm. In addition, it can also be modularly expanded based on product characteristics and production needs to maximize manufacturing efficiency.

Process Precision

Our high-precision equipment can meet the printing and mounting requirements for chip components with a minimum spacing of 0.3 mm. Precise process control ensures accurate placement and soldering of devices, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Process Efficiency

Our SMT lines operate at high speeds, reaching the mounting points of over 260,000 per hour. The high mounting speed enhances manufacturing efficiency and shortens the manufacturing cycle, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality products.

Quality Assurance

Through the use of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine and X-Ray inspection machine, we implement comprehensive quality control to proactively identify and correct defects in the manufacturing process, ensuring excellent quality.
PCBA Back-End Manufacturing Processes
Wash cleaning
Conformal coating
Function test
We provide high-quality PCBA back-end comprehensive manufacturing process services, with excellent process capability.
PTH is a circuit interconnection technology to install through-hole components on the surface of the PCB either by automated plug-in equipment or manually, and then solder and assemble them using wave soldering or selective soldering techniques.
PTH line configuration:
Wave/Selective wave
High-precision automated insertion and selective soldering capabilities.
Advanced cleaning processes and technologies.
Customized conformal coating solutions for improving product performance and durability.
Fast and precise de-panelization technology for various panel designs.
Mature application of assembly processes.
Reliable functional testing.
Customized packing solutions