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Special Processes

Leveraging outstanding technologies and innovations, we provide customers with six special process services, including conformal coating, washing, particulate cleaning, high-precision glue dispensing, potting, and robotic welding, which are extensively applied in the automotive, aerospace, medical, construction, and electronics sectors.


The automated coating process achieves precise and efficient selective coating application, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and product quality.


Effectively eliminates rosin flux residues and other organic pollutants after soldering, assuring efficiency and environmental protection.

Particulate cleaning

Effectively removes particulate matter from products through the non-contact surface cleaning system that employs a high-velocity ion tornado combined with suction. Capable of handling PCB sizes up to 400x400mm.

High-precision glue dispensing

Precisely controls fluids, with repeatable positioning accuracy of ±20 µm, repeatable dispensing weight accuracy of ±3%, and visual positioning functions.


A vacuum extractor is provided for applications with a potting weight over 3g.

Robot welding

Automatic welding and inspection functions, real-time temperature monitoring system, anti-collision protections, multiple wire feeding modules, and visual algorithmic positioning functions.
Special Processes