Eolane Helps Farmers to Poverty Alleviation, Connecting Friendship and Hope


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On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, the union of eolane distributed apples from the remote mountainous area of Gansu to each member, which not only sends holiday greetings to the company's employees, but also supports the fruit growers in faraway places.

Fruit farmers in the mountainous regions of Gansu face difficulties due to geographical constraints. Narrow and winding mountain roads make transportation a major challenge. Fruit farmers have to transport their apples to wider roads via small tricycles, then switch to large tricycles, and finally load them onto trucks and go through a complicated packaging process before they can deliver these fruits to consumers. The hardships along the way may be unimaginable to city dwellers.

In addition to transportation difficulties, the high cost of labor is also an important problem for fruit farmers. Most of the fruit farmers are old, and long hours of physical labor are a big burden for them. In remote areas, laborers who are willing to help pick apples are even scarcer, and they also lack sales channels. Against this background, this initiative of eolane Labor Union not only provides economic support to fruit farmers, but also conveys social care and respect.

Through its poverty alleviation and agricultural assistance activities, the eolane Labor Union not only brings the sweet gift of Thanksgiving to employees, but also brings hope and support to fruit farmers in remote mountainous areas.

At eolane, sustainability is not just a slogan, we practice ESG commitments with practical actions, and believe that every person and organization can contribute to the harmonious development of society.